Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

The below given Preschool Teacher interview questions can assist you in evaluating and shortlisting candidates for your school. You can modify these questions according to your need.

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Preschool Teacher Interview Questions

Preschool Teachers are responsible for interacting with children at an important stage of their childhood. Give preference to candidates who are qualified in early childhood education. Depending on the school and the responsibilities of the position you can hire experienced Teachers or passionate graduates interested in joining the education field. Teaching credentials and first aid/CPR certification can be a plus or you can use these to shortlist candidates from hundreds of applications you have received for the profile.

During the interview, ask questions about three different facets of teaching: preparing for classes, teaching in the class and communicating with parents. Ask about the teaching methods and plans they use. Give similar common situations and ask them what would be their approach. Look for candidates who are loving but strict, patient but firm, promoting learning in a fun way. Diligence, passion and communication skills should be evident in their answers.

Operational and Situational questions

  • If two kids start fighting in your classroom, what would you do?
  • If a child doesn’t obey you, how would you handle him?
  • If you suspect that a child doesn’t get enough time and attention from his parents, what would be your course of action?
  • What do you do when kids get hurt while playing?

Role-specific questions

  • Why you chose to be a Preschool Teacher instead of an Elementary School Teacher?
  • What type of challenges do you face when working with children?
  • How do you make learning more fun and interesting for kids?
  • How do you make sure that everyone in the class is learning what you are teaching?
  • Tell me about the methods you use for language development.
  • What type of records do you maintain?
  • Define an ideal classroom.
  • Why do you think Parent-Teacher meeting is important?
  • How do you stay upbeat with innovations and news in your industry?

Behavioral questions

  • How do you deal with aggressive and dissatisfied parents?
  • What type of group activities do you organize in your classroom?